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It's never been more important for your locations to be connected to the communities that they serve. Locally optimizing all of your marketing efforts to deliver the relevance and value that your local customers want is a key to being found in local search, and to optimizing opportunities throughout your customers' purchase journeys. 

But how can you handle the scale of location-based marketing while also staying true to the image and voice of your brand, whether you have corporate locations or franchisees?

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Longitude73's approach to Location Marketing ensures that your marketing and communications are dynamically localized to effectively engage your individual local audiences, across locations and channels, at scale.

Two Routes To Better Local Engagement

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Location pages and Local pages: What’s the difference?

Your location pages aren’t just there to create domain authority for the search engines but also to serve customers. If you have the right tech and team behind you, these pages can come to life and deliver truly relevant, local experiences while still making the search engine algorithms happy. Heck, they may even make them happier!

And why stop there? After all, your stores serve an area that isn’t just defined by one neighborhood or even town. So why don’t you create a personalized experience for every community you serve; making them feel like they’re all the priority.

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Local Social Media at any scale

Maybe you’ve claimed your location social media pages but odds are that you aren’t communicating anything unique to those local audiences. Why not? Because scaling this type of engagement is hard and inefficient, right?

Wrong. You can make a meaningful impact using on-brand creative assets, combined with localized messaging and local data, allowing each of your locations to engage with communities. Staying connected to your local audiences and adding value in whatever wat your business can, is critical these days. Learn how our platform can help you engage locally without the need for additional resources.


Longitude73 in action

See how our Local Content Optimization ( LCO ) platform can help you localize your brand experience to deliver the kind of personal, customized, and hyperlocal relevance that customers expect, across every city and town, anywhere.


Our Core 4 Capabilities




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What Are The Benefits of Working With Us?


Expanded Audience Size. Increased SEO organic results.


Increased traffic from search, social, paid, email, direct.


Increased value and relevance drive deeper and more frequent engagement.


Increases in open rates, CTR, conversions, and more.


Deeper engagement drives loyalty and reduces opt-out / unsubscribe rates.

Benefits of Working With AmericanTowns Media

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