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The Local Experience Engine or LEXE™ is our proprietary platform. It is through this platform that we provide a range of local solutions for large scale brands trying to drive results with customers at the community level.

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Our Core 4 Capabilities Explained

AmericanTowns Media Location Infrastructure

Location Infrastructure

We've wire-framed every city and town, providing you with an enormously fast, scalable, cost-effective way to deliver local results.

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AmericanTowns Media Asset Integration and Management

Asset Integration & Management

We can ingest your valuable and often underutilized content and assets, localizing them for your audience, in order to drive increased engagement and lead actions.

AmericanTowns Media Assets
AmericanTowns Media Deep Local Content and Data

Deep Local Content & Data

We curate, process, and apply as needed, millions of pieces of local content and data every day to help our clients deliver higher relevance and, in turn, better results than their competition.

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AmericanTowns Media Content Categories
AmericanTowns Media Powerful Distribution

Powerful Distribution

We deliver leads and conversions by executing highly relevant cross-channel media to your audience in order to drive performance at whatever stage of the funnel your business needs.


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What Are The Components Of Our LCO Platform?

AmericanTowns Media Geolife

GeoLife is a proprietary location intelligence tool that uses a variety of ground signals to set the right conditions for a locally contextualized content experience.
Location signals can include:

  • Radius
  • Latitude/Longitude
  • Adhoc location definition
  • Meta-data
  • Relevance rankings
AmericanTowns Media LEXE

LEXE (“Local Experience Engine”) is a technology led solution that processes hundreds of millions of pieces of local content data points across all US towns and integrates with valuable but underutilized client brand content. LEXESM filters, vets and then publishes seamlessly to the platforms/pages where it can make the biggest impact on consumer lead-actions. 

AmericanTowns Media Community

Our community team bridges the gap between you, your locations, and your audience through a geo-personalized experience that is vital to attracting potential customers.

  • Asset management
  • Editorial services
  • Workflows & approvals
  • Reporting

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