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Daily Shot 12: Are you providing the right information to people searching for you online?

Multi-location businesses: Find out if you are missing key opportunities to drive traffic and commerce for your stores with this reminder of what your customers are searching for, before they engage or come into your locations?

Local Brew 89: Content Tips For Mutli-Location Brands Preparing For Holiday 2020

Today we're providing content recommendations for multi-location businesses who are already beginning to prepare for a different kind of Holiday season in 2020. We talk about the need to inform, reassure, and inspire local audiences in order to drive traffic. With Covid-19 having created so much disruption new techniques and capabilities will be necessary to communicate proactively at the store-level across websites, social media, 3rd party publishers like GMB, Facebook, and Yelp, and even branded apps. 

Local Brew 88: Why Keeping Your Local Customers Informed So Important?

Today we're providing an illustration, featuring Costco, that showcases the reasons that multi-location businesses need to keep their local store communities updated about store hours and operational policies across all channels at all times. Letting customers know whether you are open, what your hours of operations are, and whether there are any special operational accommodations or policies that they need to know about.

How To Prepare For Your Sort Of, Sometime, Someplace, Reopening [A Digital Marketing Perspective]

Let’s recap what many brands have had to think through during COVID-19. While these examples are referenced specifically around “Search” (according to this article in Search Engine Watch), they have broader implications for marketing in general:

Why Do Tutoring Centers Have a Giant Opportunity?

I’ll give you the answer right here: because most parents are not certified teachers! As you well know, kids everywhere are home from school due to widespread school district closings for what is projected to be weeks. That puts parents everywhere in the, momentarily fun, but uncomfortable position of having to be parents, teachers, gym coaches. Insert here all of the standard parent comments about new math vs. old math and you’ve found the primary root of the problem.

Being Local and Proactive During a Time of Disruption

I went to Whole Foods to grab some fresh fruit for the kids yesterday morning. I arrived at 8:15 am in the hopes of beating any shelf clearing behaviors and, let's be honest, to avoid other people. When I arrived, the store manager was posted in the doorway informing everyone, in a friendly manner, that we had to wait until 9 am because until then shopping was reserved for people 60 years of age or older. I didn't see a single soul argue with this new policy for the simple fact that it seemed like the right thing to do.

How Can Your Big Brand Become Their Local Pharmacist, During a Time of Crisis?

If you’re following our location-based business videos, you know that we help large-scale, chain businesses better serve their local communities to drive store-level performance and lifetime value.

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