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Local Brew 90: The Data Case for Location Marketing

Today we’re going to talk about the data case for multi-location brands really focusing on performance Location Marketing. Brands can not only create a really frictionless local customer experience, but also gain in-depth insight and understanding of how you various locations perform and what types of activities the local communities that you serve respond most favorably to.

Local Brew 89: Content Tips For Mutli-Location Brands Preparing For Holiday 2020

Today we're providing content recommendations for multi-location businesses who are already beginning to prepare for a different kind of Holiday season in 2020. We talk about the need to inform, reassure, and inspire local audiences in order to drive traffic. With Covid-19 having created so much disruption new techniques and capabilities will be necessary to communicate proactively at the store-level across websites, social media, 3rd party publishers like GMB, Facebook, and Yelp, and even branded apps.

Local Brew 88: Why Keeping Your Local Customers Informed So Important?

Today we're providing an illustration, featuring Costco, that showcases the reasons that multi-location businesses need to keep their local store communities updated about store hours and operational policies across all channels at all times. Letting customers know whether you are open, what your hours of operations are, and whether there are any special operational accommodations or policies that they need to know about.

Local Brew 87: A Sneaky Simple Way CVS Could Become Your Local Pharmacy

Today we're exploring how a multi-location brand like CVS Pharmacy can be THE LOCAL PHARMACY by delivering store-level empathy and content at national scale.

Local Brew #86: What You Should Know About Micro-Moments

Consumers have all the control when it comes to what advertising messages they allow into their digital lives. Their attitude (and actions) say, “Be there when I’m looking for you” rather than “Interrupt me when you want.” We offer suggestions for small steps that can deliver big results.

Local Brew #85: Local, National, and Back Again

Being “local” isn’t limited to mom-and-pop shops. Whether you’re a small town shop, a “big brand,” e-commerce business, or a combination, your customers are local and you should be too. We’re sharing advice on how brands of any size can have a hyperlocal presence.

The Local Brew #84: A Race To The Bottom - OTAs and the Travel Industry

In our latest video, Mike Raleigh, VP Growth, shares how travel industry companies can compete with the lower prices of OTAs by being travel advisors, and not falling into the trap of playing the OTAs’ game.

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