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Ed Panian

Ed Panian

Recent Posts:

A Launch Story: From Consumer Focused to Brand Focused

We're happy to announce the launch of Longitude73, the fully dedicated B2B service division of AmericanTowns Media.We grew up as a B2C-focused organization who, over time, began offering our services and solutions to clients, helping their brands connect more deeply on a local basis.

Daily Shot 1: Categories of Local Content for Real Estate Agents

Check out our Daily Shot where we discuss the kind of content real estate agents should share to express their local expertise to stand out from competition and drive and convert more leads!

The Local Brew #78: Helping Hotels Meet Traveler Expectations

Experiential travel continues to rise. We’re discussing the need for hotel brands need to shift to meet the changing environment and how LEXETravel can help!

The Local Brew #74: Keeping Potential Guests On-Task Through Booking

LEXETravel allows travel brands to deliver activity planning facilitation on-page, keeping potential customers on-task with you through to booking. Once they leave you to search the other aspects, you may lose them. Don't let that happen, reach out to us!

The Local Brew #69: Tourism Boards - Inspiring Travel Beyond Major Metros

Tourism boards are great at inspiring travel to their most popular destinations, but what about all of the other locations travelers visit? LEXETravel allows you to efficiently provide experience planning across any city, town, or even village within the state thanks to our full US coverage, all without focus being taken from your locations that drive the most traffic. Find out how!

The Local Brew #64: Helping OTAs Meet Consumer Expectation

Online travel agents have the opportunity to be more of an experience planning platform than a research tool for customers no matter where their destination! Thanks to LEXETravel, you can easily and efficiently offer "experience planning" value and utility for your customers with coverage across any and all locations throughout the US!

The Local Brew #60: Keeping Potential Renters On Page Throughout The Booking Process

Sharing economy brands looking to drive bookings: are you providing dynamic activity planning tools on your site to keep potential renters on page & on task throughout the booking process? Luckily, LEXETravel can provide this information right on your site for your customers!

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