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A Launch Story: From Consumer Focused to Brand Focused

We're happy to announce the launch of Longitude73, the fully dedicated B2B service division of AmericanTowns Media.Longitude73 Leaders in Brand LocalizationWe grew up as a B2C-focused organization who, over time, began offering our services and solutions to clients, helping their brands connect more deeply on a local basis.

The increasing demand for the types of solutions we provide is the basis for which we've launched Longitude73. Over the years, we've been a trusted source for bringing together people, brands, places, and events. This goal of keeping a community connected coincides seamlessly with the needs of clients, present and future. 

Launching Longitude73 allows us to focus our efforts fully on helping big brands deepen the connection with their local audiences.

As leaders in brand localization, Longitude73 can give brands the ability to hyper-localize their digital brand experience, leading to more and better engagement and revenue-driving results across web, email, social and advertising.

The four main competencies Longitude73 will bring to clients are:


Location Infrastructure – The platform allows clients to pick and choose the towns, cities, states or even custom geographic areas that are important to their business and quickly deliver customized and scaled versions of their digital presence.

Asset-IconAsset Integration & Management This capability uses client content and assets – valuable but often underutilized – and tailors them to the local level. This gives content new life and improves ROI.

Content-IconDeep Local Content & Data Sourcing millions of pieces of dynamic location-based content and data points daily provides a rich library for brands to draw from to add local relevance to content experiences.

Distribution-IconPowerful Distribution – This platform provides highly customized content experiences for the end user where they are now or where they are going next across communications channels.

We've powered local solutions for some of the biggest brands across the country, delivering tremendous scale along with the relevance and impact of community-level engagement. Longitude73 enables clients to have focused access to the same suite of services that built our own consumer brands and expertise.

We look forward to continuing to deliver our existing clients the great results they've come to expect and are excited to begin the future of Longitude73.

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