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SlideShare: Where I Want To Be - How Marketers Screw Up Geotargeting

Why do brands spend time geotargeting their digital media to start a conversation with customers then drop the ball when they click? Why, it’s almost criminal.

SlideShare: 3 Reasons To Add Geo Relevance To Your Marketing

Marketers need to go beyond simply location targeting. Your consumers are local and so should you be. We're sharing three reasons to add geo-relevance to your marketing efforts!

SlideShare: Realtors - Buying A Home Is About Much More Than Buying A Home

When you’re selling a home – either as a listing agent or a buyer’s agent – understanding what is really motivating home buyers can be the difference between success and failure.

SlideShare: 3 Excuses For Not Doing "Local Marketing" And Why They Don't Stand Up

Given the pressure placed on marketers to deliver results, it's surprising that more brands aren't focusing on "local." We're discussing why some excuses for not doing local marketing just don't stand up.

SlideShare: How To Deliver Relevance In Your Content Marketing

It's no secret that audience relevance is key in your marketing efforts. Check out this guide to adding geo-relevance that drives better performance in your ads and content.

Real Estate Agents: Are You Actually Specializing in Neighborhoods?

More and more agents are realizing that it’s important to deliver their local knowledge in the digital space.

Daily Shot: Delivering Hyperlocal Landing Page Experiences

With location targeting in advertising being so prevalent these days, for marketers who are delivering hyperlocal ads, are you putting equal effort into your landing pages?

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