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Insurance & Financial Services


How can an internet insurance and financial services company compete against a competitor with local agents in a way that fosters trust in the consumer audience?

  • The brand wanted to build a virtual community presence but couldn’t, as a national brand, justify the expense of building at town level presence let alone the cost of keeping it current.
  • Wordpress blogs at the state level were already hard to maintain and keep fresh.



Merging brand content & resources with our sourced content created a locally relevant and approachable experience.

  • Starting with state level approach, we quickly progressed to town level in high-focus portions of the country
  • Utilizing educational content, tools & resources and blog articles combined with local wellness and seasonal events across all US Towns, created an enhanced user experience. Adding unique content channels, segmented and tailored to their audience in areas such as health, auto, homeowner allowed for the experience to be made most relevant to the visitor audience. 

“The ability to become as local as our local agent based competitors, has made a difference in terms of people’s willingness to connect with us and evened the playing field”

– Head Of Product


15% increase in unique visitors in combination with personalized and localized push messaging 


Session time has increased 22% since launch of state level pages


9% Increase in leads 


New clients up 5%

Existing client session time up 43%


Survey indicates clients are pleased with the relevance of their portal interface citing increased “Brand For People Like Me” measures

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