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Despite claiming over 34 million members, the brand had a need to connect more deeply with local communities across the US to maintain current and drive new membership

  • They wanted to highlight programs, activities and events at a local level, however across their owned channels they were fragmented and inconsistent

  • Despite attempts at local, the brand was seen as a national distant organization in their member surveys.

  • They had no way to contextualize existing national, state and town assets to where their audience was


Create a local digital presence, “In Your City/Town” in all 29,000+ US towns

  • Integrate and localize all brand content assets (National, State and local) across web, mobile, email and social media

  • Power the IOS in-app "things to do" and "place to go geo-location"
  • Provide local impact for over 70,000 brand events each month

  • Utilizing proprietary database of content and events across all US Towns, created an enhanced user experience by adding unique content channels which where segmented and tailored to their audience

  • Over 13 national programming channels were geo-targeted and localized to provide maximum support and exposure across the local town pages

“Longitude73 did something for us that we struggled with for years. They are a hungry and innovative partner.”

– Senior Director


Increased geo-relevancy across media, driving +30 million unique visitors to client domain


71% of digital users believing that the brand is “Part of their local community”


Improved local presence results and greater channel performance and engagement


Brand was able to increase membership conversion, including a +40% ROI for localized email campaigns


Less member drop-off in part attributed to increasing local relevance and value

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