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Outdoor Sports Trade Organization


How to motivate, recruit and retain new outdoor enthusiasts?

  • Traditional outdoor sports content caters to experienced participants, not beginners
  • National brand messaging breaks down at the local level
  • Consumers lack useful and approachable resources to discover and experience the outdoors where they live



Create a customized and relevant local outdoor sports resource in all 29,000 US Towns

  • Integrate and localize client content assets and promotions (national, state and local) across web, mobile, email and social media
  • Provide local impact for thousands of outdoor events each month
  • Localize millions of outdoor places, resources and things to do
  • Utilizing proprietary database of content and events across all US Towns, created an enhanced user experience by adding unique content channels tailored to beginners
  • Created 8 national programming channels, all geo-targeted and localized to provide maximum support and exposure across the local town pages

“Longitude73 created a truly local experience at scale, driving consumer awareness and participation in every town in America.”

– Chief Marketing Officer


Established local presence in all 29,000 US towns.  Resources include local events, places, and how-to content for beginners and early enthusiasts with a reach of 33 million organic and paid in first year.


Organic search traffic began to grow instantly as consumers searched for outdoor events and activities in their area with 47 million Google search queries featuring the brand.


Enabled 6 million consumers to discover, try and experience new outdoor activity through the site with a 125% increase YOY. 




Platform becomes an essential guide for outdoor activities and destinations with approximately 18% of visitors per month visiting multiple times

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