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How to efficiently deliver foot traffic to 60 locations over one week during the most important booking period of the year?

  • After years of running a trade show style travel EXPO as the year's big kickoff event, Liberty Travel decided to go local. That meant hosting events at 60 of their 101 locations in one week with a need to drive significant event foot traffic. 
  • They also wanted to feature 4 different themes of events in subgroups of these 60 stores.
  • They realized that they needed both a means to communicate the events with their audience drive RSVPs for each of the 60 local event weeks. 
  • With no history of running the annual EXPO this way, they were in need of help. 


Create and drive paid media traffic to a location intelligent website that served as a hub for all of their locations, towns in their service areas, and event themes.

  • The site featured pages for towns with a store that was hosting an event, pages for towns without a store but featuring nearby EXPO events, and then pages for stores that weren't hosting events but still wanted to participate in the biggest revenue-driving event of the year.
  • Leveraging our LEXE social platform, we ran a series of organic and paid social campaigns to drive local site traffic and event RSVPs. All of the locally targeted ads came from the 101 local Liberty Travel offices. Our platform allowed us to create one ad or post which would then dynamically version when deployed, making all of the content highly relevant to the local audiences.
  • Utilizing our proprietary database of local data we were able to message things like local school vacation dates to drive urgency and booking for family vacations, and weather content to drive impulse lead actions. 
  • We ingested the names of all travel consultants, agency addresses, store hours, county names, and town names in order to geo-personalize the content. 

“Longitude73's commitment to the relationship combined with the outstanding results they were able to deliver or our stores makes them a must-have partner.”

– Vice President, Marketing, Flight Centre Travel Group Americas


Increased local awareness of Liberty Travel as a human-to-human go-to provider of destination travel by delivering personalized website pages for 13,201 towns and 101 store locations


During a 6-week effort, store-level social media delivered 6.9MM impressions and 58M link clicks.


8,892 monthly social actions across 101 store Facebook pages and 58M outbound link clicks that drove 46M unique visitors to our EXPO website. 



Site traffic and RSVP submission modules delivered 1,607 in-store event registrations.

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