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Delivering neighborhood and community expertise at scale


For real estate brands looking to drive and/or convert leads into customers, we offer LEXETownview, providing community and listing-level spotlights and insights that help buyers evaluate communities and properties as they house search

Are you adding the right value at the right moment to drive client conversions?

At Flow

There are many people searching each day for the towns, neighborhoods and homes that might meet their needs.

It’s during the ONLINE RESEARCH stage of their journey where they will begin to decide who to work with. Once they get into ACTIVE SEARCH it’s a pretty quick window to convert them.

How are you delivering the right local expertise to your different prospective clients?

A young married couple

They’re evaluating proximity to nightlife, local culture, commutation for work and fitness facilities or parks for their workouts

A family with young kids

They’re thinking about the quality and distance to schools, potentially doctors and health care in the area, or even things like parks and recreation facilities & services

Empty nesters/retirees

They’re looking to downsize to a place that meets their future needs and consider things like mobility, access to health care and senior services as well as distance to various shopping needs

LEXETownview Dynamic Community Spotlights

Our fully customizable dynamic community spotlights provide engaging at a glance expertise for any and all towns, cities, and zip codes you serve. With dozens of content and implementation options, LEXETownview is a great fit for displaying your local expertise.


Content Options

As different types of buyers search for the right neighborhoods and homes, we deliver a mix of valuable content across dozens of lifestyle and local categories.

YOURS: You have the best market data in the areas you serve. We integrate this rational information and content into LEXETownview.

OURS: The home buying process is about much more than the home itself. When someone is buying a home, they first buy the community it’s in. It's an emotional process. That’s why we focus on all of the important amenities buyers might be looking for.


Customization Options

Geographic coverage over town level or specific listings, allowing for property comparison based on proximity to community amenities.

Color and font customizations as well as imagery and icon options available to fit your style and design.

Our image library ensures your imagery is always relevant and seasonally appropriate.

Editorial enhancement articles and content for you to use.


Implementation Options

Domain options: Subdomain, proxy

Integration Options: iFrame, Javascript, API, etc., available

Lives in-line with option for LEXETownview to launch overtop to keep your customers always on-page with you

Implement Brand

LEXETownview Use Illustrations

Our solutions manifest differently depending on the client’s needs. A few illustrations:

  1. Brokerage: Provide your realtors and agents with the tools necessary to express local expertise in their digital presence to drive differentiation, buyer value and lead conversion.
  2. Individual Agent: Convert leads more easily by adding value to your communications, using your community spotlights to send emails for neighborhoods or towns they’ve expressed interest in.
  3. Listing Service: Provide home searchers with community spotlights and even capture leads in exchange for access to deeper content.

See how a LEXETownview solution can drive leads and lead conversions by catering to the type of information home searchers need from you or your agents

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