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Results Driving Local Experience Tools For Travel Brands


Travel brands looking to add more value to their travelers and guests, drive bookings, re-bookings or cross-sell services and inventory can take advantage of our LEXETravel suite of tools

Local Expertise at Their Fingertips

It's your job to not only offer services and inventory but to inspire customers so much that they book with you. At all stages of the traveler purchase journey there are opportunities to inspire that go beyond pricing and logistics. We make sure that you deliver local expertise that adds value for the traveler and drives results for you. 


Travel Activities is the 3rd largest segment in travel. We can quickly help you add value and utility throughout your travelers's journeys.

Deep Content & Data

We process millions of pieces of local content and data daily — categorizing, indexing, and ranking for relevance to give your travelers what they need. 

Local Relevance

Proprietary location infrastructure allows you to deliver your travelers relevant results across content categories in every city and town.

Benefit From Experience Facilitation

Drive increased engagement with your travelers by delivering activity planning value, utility, and inspiration.

Engage More

Keep travelers on-page and on-task by allowing them to plan all aspects of their travel and avoiding abandoned itineraries.

Increase Conversions

Drive increased bookings and conversions by offering itineraries and guides across ALL relevant towns vs. only major cities.

Build Loyalty

Increase the value of your relationship beyond just booking to help drive loyalty and repeat visits from your travelers.

Optimize Better

Gather valuable data about the interests and activities of your customers to help inform and optimize your offerings.

Product Features

LEXETravel Recommendations

Dynamic Experience Search Tool

  • This fully customizable destination experience planning tool provides you with the opportunity to provide better “Nearby,” “Things to Do,” “Local Area,” or destination recommendations & top picks to your travelers & guests.


Content Options:

  • Integration and application of client content - Have your offerings top the search results
  • Customization of content across dozens of lifestyle and local categories available for both business and leisure travel


Implementation Options:

  • Domain & Proxy solutions
  • Integrations with on-page/in-app solutions

LEXETravel Dynamic Itineraries

  • Our dynamic Itineraries allow travel brands to promote trips and drive inbound traffic to booking pages
  • Updated monthly and versioned for seasonality so that booking in the future reflects appropriate seasonal recommendations and imagery
  • They can include client flight, hotel, car rental inventory, or packages to drive directly to booking
  • Great for:
    • New bookings
    • Cross-selling
    • Re-booking of lapsed travelers

LEXETravel Destination Guides

  • Our dynamic destination guides allow travel brands to share promoted destinations, top picks across categories, as well as tips & tricks for seasonal travel, all to drive value, engagement, and visits
  • These guides are available for both leisure and business travel
  • Great for:
    • Inbound Content efforts
    • Added value in confirmation emails
    • Multi-channel customer inspiration

LEXETravel Editorial Services

Editorial services are available for travel brands looking to create destination based content and recommendations for publication and/or promotion. With coverage in every city and town in the US and all major destination markets globally, we offer great, efficient value


LEXETravel Data Assets

  • We can provide Local Event data across every city and town in the US (29,000+), with a focus on events that drive inbound traffic
  • This data is useful for hotels and vacation rental companies as well as other travel related businesses looking to increase pricing and promotion sophistication

LEXETravel Use Illustrations

Our solutions manifest differently depending on the client’s challenges. A few illustrations:

  1. Hotel: Replacing a poor “Local Area” section with dynamic recommendations and search functionality that allow you to place your restaurants, gym, spa, and meeting rooms above all other search results across all of your properties in US
  2. Vacation Rental: Digital arrival guide that combines host recommendations as well as dynamic search across 5 categories
  3. OTA: Delivering dynamic itineraries complete with curated recommendations and dynamic search tools to drive site visits, booking, or even cross-selling (“You booked a flight, here are a few hotels, complete with local recommendations that might be useful - BOOK HERE”)
  4. Corporate Travel: Recommendations search functionality for customer service team
  5. Airline: Offering dynamic in-flight tools to go along with high polish editorial destination guides (ingesting editorial and then combining with dynamic tools)

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