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More than 70% of brand engagement on social is happening at the location page level.

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But, for multi-location brands, local social at scale can be difficult to manage.

Maybe you have the platform, but where does the local content come from?

Solutions exist that give you the capability to manage your local social, but sending top-down national content to each page doesn’t equal local engagement.

Why is local content marketing so hard?

  • Resources
  • Branding controls
  • Content ideas
  • Production costs
  • Market knowledge
  • Scaling execution

Our hybrid top-down and bottom-up approach enables a locally relevant content experience that drives results.


Features and Benefits of a Hybrid Model


Brand Control and Oversight


Consistent Shared Strategy


Strong Local Presence


Local Authenticity


Central and Local Reporting

DNA of Top-Down Bottom-Up Local Social


Brand content delivered by locations to local audiences.

Your national brand content, delivered to local pages is not local. But it can take on the feel of local content if the message is delivered by the location to the local audience. It can take on even more local relevance if the content itself is localized. We can help do this at scale.

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Locally relevant content delivered by locations to their audiences.

Through the curation of local data, we allow you to engage your audience with locally relevant, timely, and valuable content that makes sense for your brand.

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How Does it Work?

Scaling Your Message

Using local tokenization and dynamic fields, we are able to deliver uniquely localized messages across an unlimited number of locations. For instance, calling out local events and happenings that might be relevant to your category of business.

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Scaled Local Image Libraries

By building image libraries at the location, group and company levels, we are able to ensure the right image for the right location at the right time of year


Scaling Local Data

Hosting an ever-current database of local data, POIs, events, and happenings, we are able to find the categories that will resonate with your local audience. For instance, local school holiday calendars as a trigger for vacation booking.


How Local Social can not only pay for itself, but optimize your social media platform spend

  • Scale local content without the resource requirements
  • Improve results through high relevance content
  • Reduce development and production costs
  • Reduce risk of off-brand content posting
  • Efficient way to gather audience insights

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