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Daily Shot 6: The Bait & Switch and Digital Advertising

Remember the old bait and switch tactic? We’d never accuse digital marketers today of intentionally practicing fraud, but there is a trend in advertising we’ve seem that is all too familiar.

Daily Shot 5: Realtors - A Simple Trick for Differentiating Yourself From Competitors

Realtors: Understand the psychology of how people choose the area to live in and the home to buy.

Daily Shot 4: Realtors - 3 Ways To Showcase Your Local Expertise

Hey realtors and agents, check out our latest Daily Shot where Mike Raleigh, VP Growth, provides tips on delivering your local expertise in your digital presence to stand out from competitors!

Daily Shot 3: Clicks, Conversions, and Fishing

We're clarifying the role of the ad vs. the landing page in driving performance!

Daily Shot 2: Realtors - Don't Forget The First Rule of Marketing

Realtors: When you’re selling a home, you can’t forget the first rule of marketing! Check out our Daily Shot where we discuss how to sell more than just a home when selling a home!

Daily Shot 1: Categories of Local Content for Real Estate Agents

Check out our Daily Shot where we discuss the kind of content real estate agents should share to express their local expertise to stand out from competition and drive and convert more leads!

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